Are 24/7 Online Coaching Good or Bad?

With millions of students appearing every year for IIT-JEE, CAT, NEET and other competitive exams, you naturally want the winning edge. But this is exactly where 24/7 online coaching can be the game-changer. The benefits of online coaching apps like Witcircle are already there for everyone to see.

Why 24/7 Coaching is 100% Recommended

24/7 coaching through free and comprehensive online apps like Witcircle can save you precious time, money and effort. For one, there’s no need to spend big money on offline coaching and miss out on the personalised attention. Additionally, online coaching 24/7 can help in mentoring you in all the weak areas. Analyze your weak topics and work on them systematically, with a quality app there to test you. Further, online coaches provide interactive personal attention and assistance. Technology is your best friend, when it comes to preparing for competitive exams.

Online coaching also goes beyond Facebook posts and chats. The apps like Witcircle provide valuable questions and answer sessions and help you to practice and follow a strategic approach. For students or working professionals looking to join IIT or other prestigious institutions via competitive exams, offline coaching simply does not make sense. If a candidate has to sit through 6-8 hours of long classes, what is the time left for practicing and strategizing? Choose a good IIT-JEE preparation app and give your academic prospects a boost.

If you’re thinking weekend classes could be less hectic, especially if you are working, remember that it does not help you to practice tougher exam level questions. You only get the usual booklets and class sheets.

Online Coaching: Benefits for Professionals

Rather than struggling to make it to regular live classes, you can easily engage in self-study and be part of an interactive learning session at Witcircle. This will also help you to engage in practice sessions anytime, anywhere from any location rather than running to offline centers. A reputed interactive online coaching app can not only help in gaining personal attention, but also customizing test papers and honing skills in weaker and stronger areas.

Online Coaching: Advantages for Students

While a lot of students opt for offline coaching, interactive online coaching can save valuable time here, too. This is also because offline centers may lack good faculty or affordable fee structures. After all, you don’t want to spend a lot of money and get zero results, do you? And who says coaching should be impacted by your financial status? Welcome to a democratic education system where free apps like Witcircle are changing the scene for good.

Online coaching helps you to leverage the best know-how from the convenience of your home irrespective of the city. Lower, fees and more returns make it extremely beneficial. With the latest technologies at play, Witcircle can help you to prepare for any competitive exam you choose to take.

Online coaching apps like these are reputed in their ability to guide students for cracking competitive exams. Offline coaching institutes across locations like Delhi, Kota and Hyderabad may be thriving, but if you don’t live in these cities, now you don’t have to worry about getting quality educational guidance.

Additionally, offline coaching institutes have strength of around 100 to 200 individuals. You cannot edge past crowds so easily to get your doubts cleared.

Affordability and Convenience at the Click of a Mouse

24/7 online coaching is cost-efficient, affordable and convenient. Considering that coaching institutes in Delhi and Kota, for example, charge INR 1 lakh per year at a minimum and the rates rise by INR 5 to 20 K every month, you also need to factor in living and accommodation costs. Convenience of clicking the app and getting access to quality coaching material is what makes Witcircle the leading choice among students and working professionals alike. You can do coaching from the comfort of your home and access teaching videos, online tests and quizzes and a ton of knowledge to ensure you score well. The online mode is also excellent for interacting and learning more about your strengths and weaknesses.


So these are the factors you need to consider when you evaluate the benefits of 24/7 online coaching apps. Top online coaching platforms like Witcircle prepare you for any and every eventuality in the competitive exams. Acing your tests will be easy with 24/7 preparation free of cost. So, invest in educational apps and 24/7 online coaching, if you want to crack the exams. Choose wisely, because this is a life-changing choice and one that impacts not just your education, but your career and future as well!


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