Which is the best paid app or service for IIT-JEE doubt clearing ?

Argue why go for paid when you can get free:

Realizing this fact of planning, we can make time our friend rather than making it our foe. Always remember – “You need to work smarter in addition to working hard”

There is a difference between sitting with a book 18 hours a day and actually studying 18 hours a day. And you don’t want to sit with a book 18 hours a day you need to put your time to good use as it is limited.

Managing your time over the next 2 years / or 1 year is the most crucial thing that you need to focus on. Not only this, you also need to manage your time during the 3 hours of your actual JEE Main / Advanced exam.

Here are the 5 key mantras of Time Management for JEE Exam Preparation:

a) Complete the most important tasks first – Studying that one chapter in say, Organic Chemistry is more important now than checking out what is the latest movie release or iPhone game on the block.

Once you have done the important task first, you will have a sense of accomplishment and that will lead you to the next important task.

b) Learn to Say NO to friends & family – I am not saying you cut yourself off from your friends or family while you prepare for the JEE. There will always be that friend who tried to distract you from your preparation, tell them a polite NO!

ou can be a jedi, but dont try hard to be one!

You can be a jedi, but dont try hard to be one!

Friends and family are always going to be around but if you lose these valuable two years of preparation, you are not going to get this time back either. So, you decide!

Parth Kothari, IIT Bombay, AIR 11 in JEE Main says, “I knew that if spent too much time with friends, then I could not make it to IIT Bombay ever. I know people felt that I am avoiding them but the news of my success must have made them proud”.

c) Don’t procrastinate and aim for incremental improvement. My friend Atul was a genius in Maths but he could not clear IIT JEE because he use to postpone studying other subjects like Inorganic Chemistry.

Incremental improvement

Law of 1.01 – Incremental improvement

Above image is a great analogy of Incremental improvement. It is called the 1.01 Law:

When we put that out 1% more effort every day, our progress can grow by 3800% in one single year.

When we slack off 1% every day, we do not progress, rather we push ourselves to failure!

If you do not like a subject then do not waste time by postponing it, take baby steps towards studying it and gradually you will become a master!

d) Turn important tasks into habits – There is a well known theory that for any task to become a habit you need to do it for 21 days at stretch, and it will eventually become a habit – be it a good habit or a bad habit.

Make it a habit of revising important formulae and concepts in the morning, especially those which you studied the previous day. Follow this tip and it will work wonders.

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