Why is Kota the number one choice of every Pre-medical & Pre-Engineering Aspirant?

Students from all across the country are coming to Kota for their NEET, IIT and JEE exams preparation, because of the intellectual environment. Kota is rising from an unknown town to “Coaching Hub.” One of the best things Kota offer to a student is the tough competition. Nowadays institutes are spreading all over the country but students generally prefer Kota because it is the very first city which provides best coaching institutes for the preparation of Pre-medical exams and Pre-Engineering exams. Kota is a dream place for students who want to study seriously. If you are willing to do something in your career regarding medically and engineering then, you can’t get a better place than Kota. Every city has their own specialty like Mumbai is famous for modeling, Bangalore is famous for IT sector, similarly, Kota is best for study and there is less or no distractions that is why students prefer Kota to start their career.

If you are a student and want to go Kota for the preparation of entrance exams then following are the important points for you:

Cost of living: As we know Kota is a “coaching hub” so there are lots of facilities for the students at a reasonable rate. Kota is full of hostels, and PG’s. But an important thing is to find a suitable place to stay during your studies. You can easily find hostels, and PG’s, and Mess near your coaching institute with the help of internet. The cost of living in Kota is varying according to your need If you want to live in a simple hostel then its rate starts from 6000/- Rs per month. If you want luxury hostels with AC facilities so the range is somewhere between 10000 to 15000 per month.

Water and Food facilities: Water conditions are worst in Kota, but you won’t be having any issue because PGs and hostels manage that part. Water treatment plants are installed at all the hostels, PG’s and coaching institute. Food facilities are also good in the hostels. The mess is available for the students in all the hostels to eat proper food. Hostels provide different dishes daily for the hostellers so they cannot be bored by eating food. If you are living in PG’s then Tiffin system starts from 1200 INR to 3000 INR per month. Other than that you have various food corners and open mess where you can have your desired meal.

Conclusion: If you are looking for the best career guidance then Kota is best for you because it is the place for students without any distraction with reasonable food and living cost. Many famous coaching institutes are available in Kota where students studying, competes and wins. It attracts over 2 Lac students per year to study various competitive examinations especially for Pre-Engineering exams and Pre-Medical Exams.

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